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A little bit about me

I got my first break in Social Media because I knew HTML and I used MySpace and I liked music. Honestly, those were the exact words the agency used. Oh, how the times have changed! Switch those things to CSS / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Digital Ads / Instagram / next big thing here, and you have the modern Social Media world. And that’s just one of the things I love most about it! Digital Marketing is always changing, always evolving and always important.

Long gone are the days of “HTML and MySpace” but eleven years later I have the breadth of knowledge and experience in creating and executing online marketing plans, managing communities and producing results. Having worked in entertainment with movie studios (Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Summit) to record labels, tech brands (Google, Microsoft, Cisco) and lifestyle brands (Unilever) I know both what these audiences prefer and how to work with a high level client to create a lasting and positive online experience.

Why I love what I do

Oh and did we mention Bekah and I created two online blogs and brands that grew from a fun side project to a trusted thought leader in its community? We create daily content that is not only newsworthy but leans to the comedic side of entertainment reporting. We’ve turned a fun side project into 10,000+ Likes, Twitter followers of  over 35,000 and YouTube channels with a combined 750,000+ views. Not to mention the offline events, movie premieres, press junkets and fandom events that we’ve planned and attended.

In other words: we got this!

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