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A little bit about me

After getting a degree in Music Business in Nashville, TN that was useless 6 months after I graduated (Thank you MP3 and the iPod!), I joined my family’s business as the marketing manager of 3 retail locations outside of Philadelphia. It was during my time at this company that marketing shifted from traditional media (TV, newspapers and the good ol’ phone book) to a digital focus. I was on the ground floor of the early days of lead generation and social media and quickly realized how it can set a brand apart online.

Prior to Method Agency, I had spent my career as a client of agencies. I’ve been the little company who had to fight to be heard. I’ve been pitched to and have had to field vendors who have wanted my time, energy and money. I’ve been in the shoes of someone hiring the agency and looking for the best services at the right price so that my business could be amplified.

Why I love what I do

I love building strategies for clients. I love the initial idea-stage and having a goal to strive for and putting the pieces together to make it happen. And I REALLY love when it comes together and makes a difference to the business, brand or bottom line.

Oh yeah, in my “spare” time, I’ve co-founded (with Nikki!) and written for a few popular entertainment blogs which has been an amazing learning experience in online writing, online relationship cultivating & blog management. If you have three to four hours, I can tell you a lot of stories! But until then…

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