Which Game of Thrones Character is your Brand’s Spirit Animal?

If you’re like most of the world (including us here at Method!), you tuned into the season finale of Games of Thrones on Sunday. Now, for some, the quality of this final season is debatable, but what isn’t debatable is how great the characters that make up ‘Thrones are. And that got me to thinking about Brand voices, the good ones are like characters, right? You can always count on the Wendy’s social media accounts to have cheeky tweets and responses to everyone, while Patagonia is more likely to have all the latest info and authority on rock climbing and outdoor gear, not to mention their deep reserve of community and ‘feel good’ moments.

That begs the questions, what makes up your brand voice? Do you want to be witty like Wendy’s or do you want to do a lot of social good like Patagonia? Of course there are tons of ways a brand can establish its voice online and that’s something we work on every day with clients. Author Stephenie Meyer’s Fickle Fish Films, yup that’s us helping build their voice in the world of women in film. We also worked with author Isaac Marion to learn his well-established, wry wit style of communication online. In the world of tourism, we’ve worked with several clients including creating the welcoming voice of Sequim, Washington, north America’s largest producer of lavender and tourist destination!

Your brand voice is important because it establishes what a follower can expect from you and helps maintain a consistent, and reliable form of communication whether online or off.

But enough of that, time to take the quiz! Is your brand more “Dracarys” or “Winter is Coming?” Find out with our quiz here:

If you’re ever looking to create quiz content for your blog, for fun, or to generate leads for your business, we created this one using Try Interact!


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