What We Do

Do you ever feel like there is a lot of chaos and noise surrounding your brand? That’s where we at Method Agency come in – we work to demystify the noise to create a strategy connecting your fans with your product or brand. We’ll help open the lines of communication between YOU and your audience. Simply put, we’ll create a method (see what we did there?) to your madness!


What is Method Agency?

When you take marketing professionals and add in our experience with fandoms you get us: We are fans and insiders. We are a part of the communities that brands are looking to reach. We’ve been pitched to but we’ve also done the pitching, and we’re here to help take you to the next level.


As a team, we have a combined 17+ years of professional marketing working with companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Masco Brands, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Summit, Fox, WPP and Unilever. We also have created daily content for popular websites covering pop culture and entertainment for the last seven years. This means we know both sides of the who-we-are-method, method agencyonline marketing coin well. Which PR email made us laugh the most? Which made us want to post? We’ve got them all saved, and they help us better reach out to your fans.


Think you’re a fit for Method Agency? Then let’s chat about the madness you have going on. We’ll help you to create a … yeah, yeah, yeah.. method. Contact us now!