Bekah Sine Decker
  • Selfies 96%
  • Reading really fast 75%
  • Twitter 85%
  • Wine 100%
  • Keeping plants alive 12%
  • Organization 89%

Bekah Sine Decker

Co-Founder // Philadelphia

You know how they say your college degree might be useless two years after you graduate? (No? Was that just me?) I made the brilliant decision to major in Music Business right about the time the music business was completely changing the way it worked. As a result I had to figure out what to do with my life- and fast.

I ended up joining the family biz and have spent my time since as the marketing manager for a retail company outside of Philadelphia. It was during my time at this company that marketing shifted in a big way from traditional marketing (TV, newspapers and yes, even phone books!) to focusing mainly online. I learned a ton about lead generation and how a great social presence can set a brand apart online.

While Nikki has more agency experience between the two of us, I have spent most of my career on the other side of things- as the client of the agencies. I’ve been the little person who had to fight to be heard. I’ve been the larger company who constantly had to field vendors who’ve wanted my time, energy and money.  I’ve been in YOUR shoes (no really, I think I have those same exact heels/boots/not sneakers), and I’m excited that I get to create the kind of agency I always wished I could work with here at METHOD.

Oh yeah, in my “spare” time, I’ve co-founded (with Nikki!) and written for a few popular entertainment blogs which has been an amazing learning experience in online writing, online relationship cultivating & blog management. If you have three to four hours, I can tell you a lot of stories! But until then…

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Nikki Pierce
  • Tumblr 70%
  • Snapchat 65%
  • Mixtape Maker 90%
  • Instagram 50%
  • Tea 75%
  • Keeping my inbox below 500 3%

Nikki Pierce

Co-Founder // Los Angeles

I got my first break in Social Media because I knew HTML and I knew MySpace and I liked music. Honestly, those were the exact words the agency used. Oh, how the times have changed! Switch those things to CSS / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Vine / Instagram / Google+ /Next big thing here and you have the modern Social Media world. And that’s just one of the things I love most about it! Social Media is always changing, always evolving and always important.

Long gone are the days of “HTML and MySpace” but seven years later I have the breadth of knowledge and experience in creating and executing online marketing plans, managing communities and producing results. Having worked in entertainment with movie studios (Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Summit) to record labels, tech brands (Google, Microsoft, Cisco) and lifestyle brands (Unilever) I know both what these audiences prefer and how to work with a high level client to create a lasting and positive online experience.

Oh and did we mention Bekah and I created two online blogs and brands that grew from a fun side project to a trusted thought leader in its community? We create daily content that is not only newsworthy but leans to the comedic side of entertainment reporting. We’ve turned a fun side project into 5,000+ Likes, Twitter followers of  over 25,000 and YouTube channels with a combined 250,000+ views. Not to mention the offline events, movie premieres, press junkets and fandom events that we’ve planned and attended.

In other words: we got this!

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