Social Media Does Not Equal Sales

Social Media for Authors Part 1:


Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with authors on a few different levels. We’ve worked with large authors who have no trouble finding traction online. We’ve worked with authors who are new to social media and are publishing their first book. And we’ve even worked on the other side of the spectrum as bloggers and content creators who are asked to review books and promote the authors.


Here is what we know

As an author you have to work HARD to promote yourself! We are amazed at how much you as an author have to do to find an audience, develop those relationships and convince readers to give your book a chance. The competition is fierce! Social Media can be confusing, disheartening when you don’t see the numbers and downright work (because it is!), but it can also be helpful, build a brand and create a space for fans to get to know you.

We believe with a little dedication, a do-able plan and some realistic expectations, you can find your online voice, connect with an audience in a real way and, ultimately, sell yourself as an author!

Over the next few weeks we’re rolling out some tips for Social Media for Authors based on what we’ve seen, heard and been through with the authors that we’ve worked with.

#1: Social Media does not Equal Book Sales


The main focus of your social media efforts should not be to sell more books or grow your numbers into something impressive for the sake of big numbers. Your goal should be to grow your followers so you can grow the fans of YOU the author so that there is a built-in audience to communicate with about your books- the books you’ve already written and the books to come!

Social media growth happens slowly over time as you produce great content and interact with others on the platform(s).

Let’s say you’re an author with just 475 Twitter followers. You write a blog post that connects with a few of your readers who re-share it. And you have an author friend feature your post on his or her blog (or tweet it out to their followers). Suddenly the potential eyes on your content went from 475 of your own followers to potentially tens of thousands of people, just from a few people sharing your content. And those are all prospective fans you and your books! Every time you write a blog post that is re-shared by your followers or post a great tweet that is retweeted, the reach of what you put out there is amplified and seen by the followers of your followers.


Your goal should be to connect with your social media audience in a real way and in turn they will hopefully become a fan who buys a book down the road and then tells their friend who buys the book and so on and so forth.


METHOD TIP: Track your growth.

It may not seem like a lot when you see just 50 new Twitter followers from July to August, but when you look at your growth over 6 months or a year, you’ll see yourself hitting major milestones!


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Are you an Author? Share your frustrations, woes and tips for fellow authors in the comments!


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