About the City of Sequim, WA

Sequim, Washington is a city on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Sequim is located along the Dungeness River near the base of the Olympic Mountains, and it is considered the Lavender Capital of North America as it has the ideal unique climate for Lavender growth (Sequim lies in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains and receives less than 16 inches of rain per year on average!).

From a vibrant downtown scene featuring shopping, lavender products around every corner and great dining options, Sequim has a Farmer’s Market weekly in the high season, live music in the park throughout the summer and events all over the area, on its farms and by the Sequim Bay. Sequim is best known for the Lavender Weekend, a 3 day annual event held each July featuring all-things-Lavender. In 2017, Sequim was Named the Best Northwestern Small Town by USA Today!

Client Needs

Sequim, Washington was looking for a way to increase their visibility on social media. The town is known as a tourist destination, but the social media accounts did not reflect the numbers seen on other comparable tourist locales.

Sequim, WA was looking for a creative social media campaign from an agency with tourism marketing experience, to drive interest to their accounts, generate new followers and engagement from their current audience, as well as new imagery to use in their marketing materials.

Our Approach

Through our research and as we learned about the Sequim, WA residents, visitors and social media followers, we created two main targets for our campaign: Adventurers looking for kayaking, biking, boating, hiking and all that Sequim has to offer; and Lavender Lovers whose audiences range from active retirees, travels and busy moms who enjoy getaways with their girlfriends!

Through our two Campaigns: Adventure Awaits and A Colorful Adventure, we created an engaging social media posting schedule, which we executed, and conducting a summer Advertising Campaign to increase engagement, promote events and grow the followers of the @VisitSunnySequim social media accounts. We also facilitated a photo-shoot for Sequim resulting in over 300 new images of the city, surrounding area and events to be used in our campaigns and future marketing materials.

Increase in Followers
Twitter Impressions
New Photos Shot
Reached on Facebook

Our Solution

Digital Advertising

With the ultimate goal of growing the social followers for Sequim’s social media, we create multiple Social Media Advertising Campaigns around the themes: Adventure Awaits and A Colorful Adventure. Results? 348% Increase in Social Media Followers!

Tourism Marketing & Content Creation

Writing engaging posts and creating corresponding media for both Facebook and Twitter, we set out to introduce Sequim to new potential visitors and engage those who know and love the town already.  During the short campaign we had over 60,000 Twitter impressions and reached over 202,000 on Facebook, a significant boost from previous social media campaigns.

Photos and Branding

Sequim,WA is vibrant and colorful and the branding and marketing materials need to reflect this. Sequim was overdue for new imagery to be used in the campaign with Method and for future campaign. We researched and contacted area photographers and landed on a Sequim-local to conduct photo-shoots throughout Sequim and during events throughout the summer. Sequim now has hundreds of new, bright, vibrant imagery showcasing the city, its events and its visitors and residents to use in future campaigns!

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