About Forks Chamber of Commerce and the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival

Forks, Washington, USA, is located in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula, between the Olympic mountains and the Pacific Ocean beaches. Forks and the surrounding area provides visitors with an impressive array of recreational options to explore the Northwest corner of the Pacific Northwest. From easy access to the Hoh rainforest, the Olympic National Park, Rialto Beach, the La Push Reservation, Cape Flattery, Lake Crescent and more, Forks is the perfect escape for Washingtonians and visitors far and wide.

Forever Twilight in Forks Festival and Collection
Forks, Washington is the real life town where author Stephenie Meyer based her Twilight Saga books. To celebrate this connection, the city throws the annual Forever Twilight in Forks Festival (FTF) every September. The city has also recently opened the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, the largest collection of screen-used props and costumes, along with book related art and exhibits to further highlight the connection between the city of Forks and the Twilight Saga franchise.

Client Needs

The Forks Chamber of Commerce’s needs are two-fold: to promote tourism to the city and surrounding areas to visitors of all kinds as well as specifically target Twilight fans from around the world to visit the city and attend the annual FTF Festival through digital marketing.

Our Approach

We began working with the Forks Chamber of Commerce in 2014 when they came to us for direction and expertise in social media, targeting Twilight fans, and building the online presence of their city. We created a social media strategy to execute engaging social media content, digital advertising, and branding for the city and FTF Festival.

We continue to work with Forks annually to connect with potential visitors, create content and promote their Forever Twilight in Forks Festival and Collection.

FTF Collection Launch
Sold Out Festivals
Films In Theaters
% Increase in Engagement and Reach

Our Solution

Fandom Consulting & Marketing

Because of our expertise in the Twilight fandom and digital marketing, we create content that is highly relevant to fans as well as general city content to reach potential visitors

Event and VIP Coverage

Before, during, and after events, we provide research, coverage, shot-lists, live-posting, support and we’re there to capture everyone Insta-perfect shot, video or Boomerang for Forks and the FTF Festival. We also work with VIP talent visitors and festivals guests to provide appropriate press opportunities as well as gathering and creating social media content for them to share.

Content Creation & Curation

What other agency out there would know Twilight better than us? We have Jacob Insta stories, Edward Gifs and Bella puns that make fans happy and retain the heart of the stories and movies.

For Forks, we create dynamic imagery and content that targets visitors and locals alike with both helpful information as well as timely updates.

Digital Advertising

To better reach potential visitors and festival attendees, we create and optimize digital advertising spots for Forks. These ads have helped to grow the city’s following by over 2000%. REALLY!

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