RockLove Jewelry

Posted on Feb 8, 2016 |

RockLove Jewelry

RockLove Jewelry celebrates lost art forms, eras of history, exotic destinations, and the belief that your jewelry’s back-story should be as interesting as your own.

After an old-world apprenticeship in Florence, Italy, designer/jeweler Allison Hourcade Cimino fused her love of history, fantasy, and sci-fi with her training as a silversmithing to develop RockLove’s exclusive sterling silver collections.

In addition to the ever changing RockLove line, Allison has had the honor to collaborate with many beloved franchises to create sophisticated, clever merchandise that allows men & women of all ages to celebrate their favorite fandom.

Every piece is handmade from start to finish in NYC by Allison and her team (including three German Shepherds who spend their day in the office, awaiting the UPS man and his treats) using the highest quality precious metals, genuine gemstones, antique relics, and fair trade organic materials.


Allison Cimino of RockLove Jewelry

Client Needs:

RockLove Jewelry features designs within many different fandoms and has an large audience and customer base dedicated to the products because of designer Allison Hourcade Cimino’s authentic passion for the fandoms in which she designs.

Allison came to us knowing she needed to find a PR team that understood the multiple fandoms she designs within and how to integrate them together in a cohesive story for press, yet talk to each fandom in such a way that felt inclusive and built excitement around each piece she was designing.

Our Solution:

We began by segmenting the fandoms in which RockLove Jewelry designs and crafted stories for PR outreach, targeting press and influencers within the fandoms and timing our pitches around a particular event (i.e. movie launch, TV season premiere, comic convention, etc.). With great success we were able to reach a targeted audience that was key for getting RockLove Jewelry in front of the right potential customer by combining PR outreach with social media campaigns specific to the individual fandoms.

As our relationship with RockLove Jewelry has matured, we have taken the connections we’ve built through targeted fandom pr campaigns and expanded them to feature general coverage on RockLove Jewelry and its designer Allison Hourcade Cimino. We continue to seek opportunities to highlight RockLove Jewelry as a unique company with exclusive licenses creating beautiful, hand-crafted pieces designed with the fandom knowledge and passion of Allison herself.


Snapshot of our work: