Dark Dunes Productions

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 |

Dark Dunes Productions

Dark Dunes Productions is an Abu Dhabi based film production company that was founded by Emirati businessman Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki in August 2013. It specializes in making horror, science-fiction and fantasy films with a special emphasis on practical creature special effects and story telling.

Their projects include: Lord of Tears, Harbinger Down, Kids vs Monsters and most recently, Yamasong: March of the Hollows- a fantastical puppet film that is directed by Sam Koji Hale, executive produced by Toby Froud and Heather Henson and features an all-star cast.


Client Needs:

Dark Dunes ProductionsDark Dunes Productions came to us initially for expertise in both online PR and social media during the ramp up to the release of their film Kids vs. Monsters along with their other project Yamasong, which was wrapping production in the fall of 2015.

Through online pr, social media, creative pieces and social ads, we created a robust strategy to reach viewers of their latest projects and ultimately converted them into fans of Dark Dunes Productions.

We continue to work with Dark Dunes on an ongoing basis to foster relationships online, promote their titles through social media, targeted online advertising campaigns and placements within major media. Yamasong March of the Hollows is slated for release in 2016.


Snapshot of our Work:

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