Austenland DVD and Blu-Ray Release

Posted on Jan 15, 2014 |

Austenland DVD and Blu-Ray Release

Fickle Fish Films is an independent production company and home for literature-related films and media by producing partners Stephenie Meyer and Meghan Hibbett. Their film Austenland was released on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download on February 11, 2014.

Client Needs:

The story of Austenland resonates with Jane Austen lovers and those who can find the comedy and fun in their obsession, so we needed a special approach. Our social strategy for the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Austenland reflects the nuance and fandom knowledge we specialize in.


Our Solution:

We focused our strategy on a niche audience of women, Austen enthusiasts, moms, and book lovers of all kinds by reaching out to them with compelling content, and special opportunities while sticking to social networks they frequent.

We created strategy around Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest while planning two big initiatives: Jane’s Night In and Jane’s Madness.


Jane’s Night In

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.55.18 PMWe targeted 15 key influencers from bloggers to authors to host a fun, “Girls Night In” DVD viewing party with their friends. We asked them to post pictures & thoughts from their party with the hashtag #JanesNightIn plus a follow-up/review post on their website. To get their party started we sent each host a gift basket for use during the night or as door prizes for guests.

As an added bonus to influencers we were able to host a live Google Hangout with producer Stephenie Meyer which included a question and answer that was available for posting after the event.

Jane’s Madness

AustenlandWe created a Facebook contest called “Jane’s Madness” in which the male characters of Jane Austen face off, head to head, in a Regency battle royale. Fans of the page picked their favorites to win each week in “March Madness” style brackets, with the ultimate bracket winners being chosen by Austenland Director, Jerusha Hess and writer Shannon Hale. Their picks were revealed each week via Instagram video. From there we would refresh the game with the new brackets and the game would start over. At the end of the game, fans were chosen at random to win Austenland on Blu-Ray.

Snapshot of Our Work: