Our newest client: Dark Dunes Productions

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Our newest client: Dark Dunes Productions

We’re excited to tell you about our newest client Dark Dunes Productions- especially because tonight is the premiere party for their latest release KIDS VS. MONSTERS which is out On Demand and Digital HD!

Dark Dunes Productions was founded in 2013 by Abu Dhabi-based Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki and specializes in making horror, science-fiction and fantasy films! Other team members are spread out all over the world like kick-ass, blue/green mermaid-haired communications director Mallory O’Meara in Brooklyn, NY and the talented creative director Gavin Robertson who lives in Scotland!


We’ve been working hard to spread the word about Kids vs. Monsters (out 9/29!) through appropriate online channels and release targeted imagery by the film’s talented cast. Mixed that with online social media advertising some traditional PR pushes, we are excited about getting Kids vs. Monsters in front of the target demo (young to mid teens!) and their parents!

We’re also working to promote their newest film Yamasong: March of the Hollows which is currently in post production. Yamasong is the feature length sequel to the original, award-winning short film Yamasong. Filmmaker Sam Koji Hale is bringing this fantastical puppet vision to life (yes, we said puppets) with the help of Toby Froud and Heather Henson (of THAT Henson fame!) as executive producers.

Yamasong features the incredible cast of Nathan Fillion and Abigail Breslin as the leads joined by Whoopi Goldberg, Malcolm McDowell, Bruce Davison, Freida Pinto, George Takei, Peter Weller and Ed Asner!

We’re super excited to be working with Dark Dunes Productions to spread the word about their unique and niche films! Check them out on the web and make sure to download or stream Kids vs. Monsters.

Wanna work with us? Okay! We love Monsters, Vampires and all sorts of other creatures! Let’s Talk!


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