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Method- Like the Soap?

When we first announced the name of our company, the reactions were… varied. Some people disliked it and shared constructive criticism, others LOVED it and the rest of our friends and family were… confused. Here are some of our favorite reactions:


“Method–like Method Acting?”

Ugh, sure…?

“Method- Oh! like Method Man!?”

Well, not exactly. And the most common:

“Method huh? Like the soap?”


method agency

We think that all our good ideas come from trips to the bathroom, and the name for our agency came to us after one of those trips.* When Nikki first suggested it after being inspired by her hand soap, we talked a bit about what it meant to us and came to love it.

There’s a METHOD to social media right? Only one way to take this online world that can be daunting (to say the least) and adopt it to your business/product/fanbase, and we can teach you ALL about it!

Wrong. Sadly.

There isn’t one “method” to achieve success online and through social media.

There are best practices and rules everyone should follow, no matter the type of business, but for the most part a successful relationship with fans and customers online is specific to you.

And that’s why we loved the name. While there’s not one method to achieving success through social media, we believe there is a method out there for everyone. And we work hard to identify that, hone it over time and ultimately bring you more fans, sales and lovers of whatever you do.

So yeah, we create a Method to your Madness.

Thanks biodegradable, non-toxic soap for the inspiration!

*to clarify, we do generally go to the bathroom separately.


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