Is Facebook Ripping Off Small Businesses with their Boost Post Feature?

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If you’re a small business who dabbles in Facebook Ads, you’ve probably been prompted by Facebook to “Boost” you post to reach more people for only twenty bucks! Cause after all “your post is performing 9843573485% better than other posts like it!” You’ve probably gotten this message from Facebook before, which of course is cause for celebration BUT then they hit you with the “reach 1000 more people by boosting this post for $32.00!” Why is it always some odd number too? Have you noticed that?

Boosting posts sounds super easy right? Sure! It sounds like a great way to use your Ad budget, right?


What’s wrong about blindly using the Boost Post feature is that Facebook is preying on the assumption that most Business Owners don’t know the numerous different Ad options that Facebook offers it’s users within their Ads Manager. By pushing it’s Boosted Posts option, a Business is usually only ever increasing the amount of eyes (or “reach”) a post will receive. And while that’s great for some types of posts: an announcement or big news a business wants to share, but these types of Ads are not optimizing for other marketing objectives a business might have. Those might include Sales, or Event Attendees, or Followers.

Here’s Why You Should Be Wary of Facebook’s Boost Post Feature:

1. Your objective

Even with their recent addition of two other objectives (website visits and messages), your goal might be something outside of these objectives or reach. You might want sales or to increase your Page followers. If that’s the case, the Boost isn’t for you.

2. You can’t choose WHERE your ad runs

Perhaps you don’t want mobile users to receive this ad? Sorry, you’re outta luck here. The Boosted ad is served to Desktop, Mobile, and now Instagram (unless you uncheck this option).

3. You have not set up your Pixel

What’s a Pixel? Well, it’s a SUPER powerful tool you can set up to gather important data about sales, users, and visitors. If you haven’t set it up yet, your Boost will not be able to utilize the Pixel. Wanna know more about this? Contact us!

4. You can’t A/B test Boosts

What works for the goose is good for the gander, right? Well, not always in the world of advertising. An ad you really like, might not be reaching your intended audience. But in Boosted Posts you cannot do A/B testing.

5. You don’t want to waste money!

Sure Facebook wants you to spend the randomly chosen budget of $57.00 on your Boost but WHY?! How does that amount fit into your overall Budget? While a $10 Boost might be a great investment to get the word out about your new store opening, the other $47 dollars might be better spent on a targeted Event Ad getting local people INTO your store on the Grand Opening day. Boosted Posts can’t do that!

There are definitely times when using the Boost Post feature on Facebook is appropriate but not before you’ve decided your objective, created the appropriate audience, and tested what creative engages your followers. Then and only then, can we recommend pushing that Boost button.

Facebook Ads can be powerful marketing tools when used correctly and in conjunction with a holistic ad and marketing strategy!

If you’re interested in expanding your social media advertising beyond Facebook Boost Posts, let’s talk! We can create a social advertising strategy geared towards your marketing goals and your audience.


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