How to use the Interact Quiz Dashboard for Lead Gen + New Content!

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We’re always on the lookout for new apps, and ways to create fun and fruitful content for ourselves and our clients. Enter Interact, who contacted us about their app and after one quick walk-through, we were sold, and had endless possibilities raging in our heads on how we could use this system.

And if you’re like, just about anyone on the planet with a pulse, this spring has been ALL about Game of Thrones, whether you’re working in memes for your businesses social media accounts, or you’re obsessing about it on your own, I knew I wanted our quiz to include a Game of Thrones. We talk a lot about finding your brand voice and not being BORING, so one day the idea popped into my head: Which Game of Thrones Character is your Brand’s Spirit Animal? We like fun, we like timely, and this was it.

I’ve put together a video tutorial that shows off the features of the Interact Dashboard and I’ll even walk you through setting up your first quiz that you can embed on your own website.

I’ll walk you through:

  • Deciding what type of quiz to use
  • Templates vs Creating Your Own
  • Branding your quiz
  • Adding Tracking for Analytics
  • Personalizing your quiz from a template
  • How to create questions and deciding your results
  • Previewing your quiz
  • Publishing and implementing your quiz

Now, if you thought the analytic info was powerful, here’s a video on integrating the quizzes into your email marketing system. YUP, think of all the lead generation you can do now!

We’re excited to see the analytics on these quizzes after we implement them in our email drip campaign… and probably through a few Facebook ads!

Looking for more info on how to create quizzes and assessments and how to get your followers to op-in? Here’s some great resources to check out:

Now think of all the options and the new content you can create for your business and your clients. You can take the quiz featured in these videos HERE.



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