6 Steps to grow your social media following while writing your book

How to grow your followers as an author

We often talk with authors RIGHT BEFORE they are publishing a new book. It’s not that it’s too late to start a social media plan right before a book launch- especially for an already established author- but it is much better for the author and the project to have a social media plan in place long before the book is out.

We think one of the most important things you can do before your book is out is to grow your following. Whether you’re starting with zero followers or already have an established audience, the time while you’re writing, editing and just waiting for the book to be completed gives you the perfect opportunity to grow your audience. Here are 6 things you can do:

1. Post consistently!

Whether you post once two times per month or four times per week, the social platforms like consistency. So pick a schedule you can stick to while you’re deep in manuscript edits.


2. Make videos!

You can create Reels, TikToks, Facebook Lives or more. Talk about what you’re reading to inspire you as you write. Talk about your writing process. Just talk about your life as an author.


3. Post your writing process

Maybe that is just some pretty photos of where you write. Maybe it’s a video tour of your messy desk. Talk about writing on paper vs. digitally. Do you have a favorite pen? App? Time Tracker? Readers love to learn more about authors, so share this part of your life.


4. Network to grow your following

There are tons of authors with huge social profiles, so engage with them! But better yet- find authors similar to you. If you’re working on your second book in a series, find other authors in the same boat. If this is your first book, seek out other authors doing this for the first time. From our experience, authors love helping and building up other authors, and that can work well when you and the other author are at a similar place in your careers.


5. Follow and engage with your followers

As your following begins to grow- follow back! And make sure to comment on your reader’s posts, photos, videos and respond to comments they leave for you.


6. Build your email list

Use your social media following to grow your email list. This is one of the most valuable “assets” you have as an author so your ‘downtime’ between books is a great time to focus on growing your list. Add everyone you know, and give your social followers a reason to sign up on your list (maybe you’re hosting a giveaway, putting together a prize package or sharing sneak peeks of your next book).

Does this post have you thinking of what else you need to do before your book is out? We have a marketing checklist that walks you through all the marketing activities to tackle starting at six months out from your pub date!

Free Marketing Checklist for all the tasks you need to do in the months and weeks ahead of your release!


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