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5 Stock Photo Sites for Diverse and Fresh Images

By June 25, 2019August 27th, 2019Blog, Social Media
Stock photos are those pictures you scroll through when looking to portray the perfect image you want for every piece of content you’re writing. But do you ever have that moment when you feel like you’re seeing the same pictures used all across the internet? They’re used in ads, Instagram posts, and even your cousin’s 4th of July party invite?



Yup, pictures like that one! They’re gorgeous, easy to use on any type of platform, and best of all, they’re free. It seems like everyone is using the same four websites for their free stock photos, these days. Unsplash, Pexels, Life of Pix, and Pixaby are the ones you’re going to see the most from in ads and IG posts.

But if you want original and more importantly diverse photos, read on for more information!


If you’re looking for unique¬†photos check out They have some gorgeous and fresh stock photos that are free to use any way you wish!


The important part about going off the beaten path of stock photos is that you’re going to be finding and helping to support a lot of emerging photographers while keeping your content fresh at the same time.



KaboomPics is a self-described “one-woman show” of a free stock photo website. As women in business, we strive to support other women, so Karolina’s website is an easy one to support. Take a look for yourself and see how beautiful her stock photos are.


Her beautiful attention to detail and the brightness in each one of her pictures definitely make her stock photo site a popular one!


Styled Stock is another website we love for their feminine touch to each photo they take. This stock photo site boosts a small collection of beautiful pictures.


The best part about using smaller stock photo site is that typically that means not a lot of people are using them and it adds to the uniqueness of your content when you use their stock photos.


The Gender Spectrum Collection by Broadly

This collection of stock photos is beautiful not only because of the photography but also because of the purpose behind the collection. Broadly put together this collection to showcase trans and non-binary people in order to better exemplify them in the media. This collection is something special and teaches us all that even if there are a hundred stock photo websites, there will always be a need for one more.


Sometimes, the media can give people an exaggerated image for what the LGBTQ+ community may look like. That’s exactly why this stock photo collection is so important for everyone to use.


NASA Image and Video Library

That’s right THE NASA even has a stock photo library these days! How cool is that?


Aside from having (obviously) an amazing library of pictures and videos from space and different planets and moons, this collection also boasts a ton of pictures of astronauts going about their jobs. This is the kind of stock photo site you wanted when you were a kid and having to write a report.


Who knew they even had pizza parties in space?!

There are dozens and dozens of free stock photo sites on the internet, so there really shouldn’t be a good reason to keep reusing the same couple of images. Keep these sites in mind the next time you need to add a stock photo to some of your content.

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