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We love learning from the other female business owners, entrepreneurs, go-getters and movers and shakers around the world. In fact, our most successful business relationships at Method Agency have been with female clients, contractors and partners. (That’s not to say they’ve been the ONLY successful relationships – Shout out to the dudes in our life who we LOVE working with, as well!). We do believe, however, that women have a unique approach to doing business, and it is our goal to learn from each other, foster community and engage together so that we grow not only as individuals and in our business, but together.

Enter Bitches in Business:

Inspired by that moment after we started our business when we realized we were Googling how to best run Method Agency on almost a daily basis (you know, what is: the Franchise Tax Board, an S-Corp, and Business Insurance?), we started Bitches in Business. Originally just a Facebook group of like-minded female entrepreneurs, we sought to learn from our lady friends and acquaintances who were kicking ass in their own businesses. While it is helpful to have a place to ask questions like “ANYONE KNOW WHAT ‘USE TAX’ IS?” we realized that our most successful conversations with other female business leaders were just that – conversations. Face to face. So in 2017 we launched our video series Bitches in Business with the mission:

“To have conversations with female entrepreneurs and female small-business owners around topics we want to better know and understand, that we can’t find online easily by Googling. We want to grow together and lift each other up, so that we can learn about how to be stronger, more confident female business leaders.”

We have an incredible list of women (and some awesome men down the road) we are excited to talk to: from social media experts at major film studios, to publicists just starting out on their own, to women making waves in the non-profit sector. Every conversation focuses on a different topic or struggle we face, as entrepreneurs and as females. We’re excited for you to meet these incredible women!

But what about the dudes?

Don’t get us wrong, we have great relationships with male vendors and fellow owners, and we have learned a ton from their experience too. Whether it’s our CPA or our business coach, we plan to bring them in on the conversation! We hope you find the conversations as helpful as we do because after all, we’re better together!

Episode List:

Season 1

Season 2

  • Episode 201: “Taking the Leap- One Year Later” is a revisit of our very first Bitches in Business guest, Kristin Dwyer of Leo PR. We discuss how her first year of Business was, lessons learned and what Year 2 and beyond looks like!
  • Episode 202: “Women in Tech” with Pam Aungst of Stealth Search and Analyticss and Pam Ann Marketing. Our conversation ranges from Pam’s start in her business to navigating the shocked looks (and rude comments) she gets from many being a woman AND knowing as much as she does about coding, SEO and all things internet-geekery. Pam is a wealth of knowledge on SEO, Analytics and so much more, and we loved having her on the show!
  • Episode 203: “5 Questions to Ask yourself before Starting a Business” with Coach Dave Schoenbeck. While we cover much more than these 5 questions, we think that this conversation with our first male guest (and our own business coach!) was extremely valuable to anyone who is starting out on their entrepreneurship journey. Check out the whole episode or watch a clip here.


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