On our 8 Year Anniversary

On our 8 Year Anniversary

Today is our 8 year anniversary. “But Method was started in 2013!” That’s true! “But you guys are just friends, despite the fact that you use the term “partner” so loosely many people wonder if you mean more”. Also true. We’re great friends. “Are you talking about the pop culture website you run? You started that in 2012!” You’re creepy for knowing that fact, but that’s also true. But yes, today is our EIGHT YEAR anniversary.


December 8th, 2008

Nikki and I started writing together online 8 years ago under the pseudonyms “UC” and “Moon” (long story…) on LetterstoTwilight.com. What started as a fun and comedic way to deal with our acceptance that we were twenty-something fans of a YA book series, turned into 4 years of growing a site from 2 commenters the first day to over 1000 comments on many posts, trips to the movie premieres where we got to interview the stars, exclusive sit-downs with the author of the book series, sneak peeks of the final film with the director, dinner with some of the cast and so much more! (Not to mention meeting other twenty and thirty-somethings (and beyond) who were in the same position as we were, just trying to find a place within the fandom to feel normal. Some of these people are our closest friends still to this day.)

We tell you this not so you can pass judgment that we are “Twilighters” or “Twihards” (we wear the badge proudly), but to share that we know fandom. We ARE fans. We are IN it. We were in one of the biggest fandoms there has been in recent history. And we did it all while running the marketing of a small local business, working for Google, running social campaigns for Microsoft and Cisco, writing strategy for comedians and working with non-profits. We balanced the “dragging a cardboard cut out of an A-list celebrity to the red carpet” moments with the real knowledge we gained from growing a Twitter account from 0 to the tens of thousands, of making that mistake of starting a Friend Facebook account before starting a PAGE for our brand, and learning how to naturally cultivate community online.

We don’t believe you have to sit in a stuffy office to create online strategies to reach your brand. We believe in DOING it.

If you know us at all or have spent any time scouring our pictures, social posts, and websites, it should be clear that we don’t take much seriously. We love to laugh. We love to have fun. We love champagne and oysters. And we love to create messaging that connects with people in ways that we love to connect- online. And THAT we take seriously. We don’t believe you have to sit in a stuffy office to create online strategies to reach your brand. We believe in DOING it. In talking to fans, in joining the conversation, in attending that con, and yes, dragging cardboard cut-outs of celebrities to red carpets!


Happy Eight Year Anniversary to our Introduction into this crazy thing we love- Online Fandom.


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