5 Ways To Improve SEO

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All marketers know how important SEO is for a website to survive and thrive. But what about the ways to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) to help with the surviving and thriving? We’re all looking for that extra OOF! to give us a leg up (or a spot up) on the search engine’s results list. Look no more, we have 5 ways to improve SEO for your website.

Fresh Content



Posting regularly and frequently will help search engines find your content and keep it higher up on the list! It also helps the search engine to realize that yes, your website is a relevant and legit website.

Be Relevant

Speaking of search engine’s thinking your website is relevant, also remember that the content you are publishing should be relevant as well. If you’re an educational toy company, publishing a lot of content about the best places to vacation in your personal home town isn’t really relevant. Posting a lot of content about STEM summer camps for kids is relevant.

Search engines algorithms are fine-tuned to give higher spots on their search results page to websites that post relevant content to their site.

Link With Purpose

When posting links inside your content, you should look to do so by leaning on the keywords and being descriptive. For instance, we think Google Analytics is super important to help you grow your website if you want to find out more, click here. But if you want to improve your SEO, then try this instead; let’s talk about why Google Analytics really is super fun!

Linking this way helps out your search engine optimization by being heavier on keywords (Google Analytics) in the link and it helps your reader to have more insight into what they’re clicking on and leads to more clicks.

Headers Are Necessary

No one wants to read a giant wall of text, not even search engines. Get a plug-in for your website that gives you a “readability score” for the content you want to publish. Good readability rates can mean a higher SEO for your website. Headers help your SEO by breaking up the content and making it easier to read.


Mobilize Your Site

Did you know over half of Google’s searches come from a mobile device? If you don’t optimize your website, it will take longer for it to load up on a mobile device. Longer load times, mean lower the SEO ranking.

It also means that for a lot of readers, they won’t be coming back to your site because it’s difficult to use on their phones. Fewer clicks to your site mean less traffic and that leads to a lower SEO score as well.

SEO can seem like an endless mountain to climb and to be fair, it kind of is. But just like you want to improve your business every day, SEO is just more thing that is always changing and growing.





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