Your 5 Daily Social Media Duties

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So you have social media profiles? Now what? Keeping up with them on a daily basis can seem daunting… like beginning a binge watching marathon of all 26 seasons of The Simpsons. We have 5 things you should check off your Social Media To Do List every day!


This should seem like a no-brainer but it can get away from you, messages start to pile up, comments can get out of hand and you begin to miss opportunities to join important conversations. In the Social Media game it’s definitely not cool to show up fashionably late. Make sure you’re checking your profiles at least once a day and replying to relevant questions, comments and most of all any concerns. Don’t forget to celebrate the wins! Retweet the positive!
Is your social presence starting to become unruly? There are tons of free and not so free options for managing profiles, comments and more. Some of our favorites: Hootsuite and Sprout Social (reply to and assign comments to your team!)


Searching hashtags on a regular basis is important, not only just for the hashtags you’ve created but for similar businesses, trending topics and ideas to add to your social content that day. Don’t forget to add hashtags WHERE APPROPRIATE to your posts, #DontGoCrazy!


Social Media does not happen in a void. No one is interested in hearing just what you have to say on a subject or even worse about yourself! Participate in conversations, join in on trending topics, retweet other good content that is NOT your own! Spend a few minutes a day finding someone new to follow.


It can be difficult to come up with fresh content every day, that’s why it’s mega important to plan for it in advance. Plot out your key upcoming dates and create creative content and posts for each. Find and store useful content daily! We have shared Pinterest boards and shared calendars for a reason! If we see something that would make a great post or share, or just plain inspirational, we Pin it and figure out how to work it into our upcoming posts.

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This seems the most obvious of all but sometimes the most difficult, sometimes there are days you might not have any. If your content calendar is empty, head to some of your favorite sites and share a post, retweet a friends business or someone you admire. At the end of the day, consistency and quality is key. Remind your followers you are there and you want to be apart of the online community and posting daily does just that.

Share your daily check list with us! Tweet us your to-dos!

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