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5 Questions to Ask before Starting a Business

By June 12, 2018November 27th, 2018Bitches in Business, Women in Business


In case you missed it, we had our first male guest on Bitches in Business– our business Coach Dave Schoenbeck!

Our convo with Dave was fun and casual and felt a lot like our coaching sessions. If you’ve listened to our past interviews or read our blog posts, you’ve heard us rave about Coach Dave. (hey, that rhymes!) You can listen to our entire interview with Dave here.

There was one section from our conversation that was particularly fabulous, and we thought we’d share it here on our blog. We asked Dave what questions someone should ask themselves before starting the entrepreneurship journey. Watch this short clip to hear Dave’s great advice

Feeling lazy? Here are….

5 Questions to ask before starting a business:

1. What value does this new business bring to the marketplace ?

2. Do you have access to the resources that you are going to need to keep this business afloat for 6 months to a year (while it’s grinding and the bills are hard to pay)?

3. Do you really understand your target and your prospect?

4. What is the real future of this business within the industry?

5. Do you really have what it takes (and are you willing to have what it takes) to last 2,3,4 years of the grind?

What do you think of Coach Dave’s advice?

Learn more about Coach Dave here on his website. And tell him we sent you!

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