A very special 15th Anniversary (but it’s not what you think 🧛🏻‍♀️)

December 8, 2008 is a day we’ll never quite forget. We were two marketers in our mid twenties, bored by our day jobs, counting down the hours until we could go the movie theatre again. We met in college, but we really bonded years later — when we timidly admitted to each other we had seen a movie adapted from a certain young adult vampire romance novel over and over and over again. We also admitted that we’d been devouring news of the movie and its actors online, and reading all the blogs (remember when those were a thing?!) we could get our hands on. Oh, and reading every piece of written work from the book’s author. If 2008 is not a momentous year for you, then you may not know we’re talking about The Twilight Series.

Our very first Twilight-theme photoshoot

Twilight changed our lives.

15 years ago today, after making each other laugh sharing blog posts and articles about the book and movie series, we decided to start writing about it on the internet. We called our website Letters to Twilight and wrote “serious” fan letters to “Twilight,” and its characters, actors, props from the movie and more. Our letters were sarcastic and tongue in cheek but filled with so much love and passion for the stories and movies. What started as a silly little hobby between friends quickly became a popular voice in the fandom with posts receiving thousands of comments, hundreds of thousands of page views, and, eventually, the attention of the author Stephenie Meyer herself. It all snowballed after that…

  • December 8, 2008 – Bekah and Nikki launch Letters to Twilight (LTT)
  • In 2010 we were invited to meet and interview author Stephenie Meyer to celebrate the release of both The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and the Eclipse movie premiere
  • In 2011 we attended the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere as her guests and covered the red carpet for our website
  • 2012 – we had launched a second website called ​That’s Normal​, covering pop culture news and opinions thanks to the popularity of LTT
  • In 2012 we attended many events for the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2: early press screenings, meeting director Bill Condon, dinners for “Influencers” in the Twilight fandom, a week long celebration in downtown Los Angeles, and the red carpet premiere. (Our names were posted in a Thank You from the movie studio in a full page ad in the New York Times, and we are even mentioned in the credits of the final film!)
  • In 2013 we also covered The Host and the Austenland movies as press, both films produced by Stephenie Meyer and her company Fickle Fish Films.
  • Sometime later in 2013 we were asked by Stephenie and her business partner Meghan to work with them as their marketing partners for Fickle Fish Films along with Stephenie’s personal online presence (Yes, we run Stephenie Meyer’s marketing!)
  • October 2013 – Method Agency becomes an official business entity!

Because we started a “silly little blog” five years earlier, we launched a very real business called Method Agency.

In 2015 we got to visit Forks, Washington, the very real town of the fictional Twilight story, with Stephenie for the first time which was surreal and emotional and so very fun.

Method Agency with Fickle Fish Films. Method Agency runs Stephenie Meyer's Marketing

Our first visit to Forks, Washington in 2015 with Stephenie Meyer and business partner Meghan Hibbett

In fact, after that trip, we got to know the Chamber of Commerce director and staff, and we now count the Forks Chamber of Commerce and the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival and Collection among our clients.

The famous Forks welcome sign!

We continue to run Stephenie Meyer’s marketing, as well as Fickle Fish Films‘ to this day. One of our favorite memories from our time together is announcing Midnight Sun, a much beloved unfinished book that Stephenie swore she’d never publish. It was 2020, Bekah had just had a baby, Nikki was all alone in the office, Covid was in its early days, and the official Midnight Sun announcement crashed Stephenie’s website. Because of the pandemic, we had to scrap all the book promotion plans for IN PERSON events and pivot to virtual events. Midnight Sun ended up being the #2 release of 2020 (we’re still mad at Obama for taking first place). Some say Stephenie Meyer saved 2020, and we have to agree! 😉

Our experience with authors and fandom over the past fifteen years is why we LOVE what we do.

The connection that readers have felt to Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight fandom community for almost 20 years is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It is still amazing to watch people discover Twilight all these years later and that’s just one of the reasons we are passionate about helping our clients connect with their readers/fans/customers in very real and lasting ways.

A book can be SO much more than just a fun read. It can be life changing.

Happy 15th Anniversary to the google chat conversation that changed our lives and starting a domino effect from blog to business, and if you’ve been with us for some of those 15 years- thank you! We’re so grateful that we get to do what we do each and every day.

Bekah and Nikki


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